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Annual Report 2019
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Construction Projects & Maintenance Sector Performance

Building Maintenance Directorate

Completed Projects 2019

Structural Repair of Arcade Wall Cracks at National Charter Monument – Sakhir

The project objective is to repair the structural cracks of the Arcade wall using specialized materials.

Budget (BD): 251,322
Start Date: 20/01/2019 Finish Date: 19/11/2019
Contractors: M/S Al Moayyed Contracting W.L.L

Interior Refurbishment of Existing United Nation’s Building-2, Hoora

This project consists of complete interior maintenance works comprises of construction of new offices, relocation of pantries and toilets, replacement and modification of A/C system and Electrical lightings and outlets.

Budget (BD): 156,600
Start Date: 8/04/2019 Finish Date: 21/11/2019
Contractors: M/S Dar Al Khaleej Trading &Contracting W.L.L

Refurbishment & Maintenance Works for the Bahrain Red Crescent Society – Phase 2

The project consists of Civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance works including replacement of AC system & sound system, full renovation of pantries, replacement of offices flooring and Demolish and construct Red crescent boundary wall and parking area.

Budget (BD): 277,334
Start Date: 04/11/2018 Finish Date: 24/11/2019
Contractor: M/s Al Muntasir Building Construction & Cleaning Co.

Part Refurbishment of 6th Floor Office at Block No. 4 at Works Headquarter Building

This project consists of refurbishments of some offices, which includes civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance works.

Budget (BD): 27,000.000
Start Date: 17/3/2019 Finish Date: 16/6/2019
Contractor: M/S Al Moayyed Contracting W.L.L

Maintenance Works of Block No. 13 at Agriculture Compound – Budaiya

The project consists of civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance works to AUS offices including internal and external painting and expansion of car parking area.

Budget (BD): 21,800.000
Start Date: 21,800.000 Finish Date: 19/06/2019
Contractor: M/S Dar Al Khaleej Trading &Contracting W.L.L

Renovation of Bahrain Medical Society- Phase 1

This project consists of general civil, mechanical and electrical maintenance works to the ground floor, which includes renovation of toilets, kitchens, cafeteria, VIP lounge and external painting to the entire building.

Budget (BD): 64,000.000
Start Date: 10/03/2019 Finish Date: 19/6/2019
Contractors: M/S Dar Al Khaleej Trading &Contracting W.L.L

Full Renovation to Ground Floor Server Room And ITD Second Floor at Capital Municipality Council in Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning-Manama

The project includes full renovation to the server room and the second floor, which covers replacement of all the floorings, ceilings, windows, doors, and internal paintings works as well as relative electrical and mechanical maintenance works.

Budget (BD): 25,600.00
Start Date: 15/09/2018 Finish Date: 14/01/2019
Contractor: M/S Mohamed Saif Ajlan Al-Mannai Co.W.L.L.


Work requests received in 2019


Requests were completed


Bahraini Dinars

Total amount of executed works in 2019

Construction Projects Directorate

Completed Projects 2019

Project name

Development of Urban Façade near Gudaibiya Palace

Project description

Proposed Development of Urban Façade near Gudaibiya Palace comprising of Boundary Wall with Water Feature, Landscaping and Artistic Mural Features

Budget(BD.) Start Date Finish Date Client
325,000.00 20/3/2019 19/9/2019 Prime Minister Court

Project name

Additional floor for CO-OP Social Center at Jidhafs

Project description

Scope of work includes the construction of an additional floor that contains offices, meeting room, substation and related general services including a new lift for Parents.

Budget(BD.) Start Date Finish Date Client
343,000.00 14/5/2018 31/12/2019 Ministry of Labor and Social Development

Project name

Girls Primary School at West Riffa (Additional Academic Block and Sport Hall)

Project description

Demolition of existing facilities and construction of an additional block complete in all respects and fully functional. The main components are seven classrooms, a multi-purpose hall/sports hall.

Budget(BD.) Start Date Finish Date Client
926,155.543 1/8/2018 31/12/2019 Ministry of Education

Strategic Projects Directorate

Implementation (Under Construction)

Long Stay Care Center (LSCC)

The Project includes the construction, completion, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of the facility that provides accommodation and medical treatment to patients who require longer recovery time and assistance. LSCC comprises the medical treatment section, non-medical section and the electro-mechanical services. The facility includes 100 beds, laboratories, pharmacy, x-ray room, physiotherapy unit, administrative support services, kitchen and laundry.

The construction work for the LSCC was awarded to M/s Saleh Al-Abdullah Al Mahanna Company Trading & Contracting. Work commenced in November 2018 and is progressing as per programme. The anticipated completion is in May 2021.

Area Control Center

The Project features the latest technology in the air navigation and management system. It provides air traffic control within Bahrain air space, keeps pace with the rapid growth in flight information systems and ensures that the air navigation services provided are of high standards, safety and efficiency. The project comprises the design, construction, testing, commissioning and maintenance of the Area Control Center Building, which includes the Flight Information Center, Equipment Room and Search and Rescue Coordination Center.

The construction contract was awarded to M/s Al Jameel Construction WLL in October 2018. The construction work is progressing and is on schedule. It is expected to be completed by April 2020.

Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunication Head Quarter

The Project comprises the construction, completion, testing and commissioning, and maintenance of the Headquarters Building for the Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunications in accordance with the latest technology. The object is to provide pleasant working environment to employees to enhance their job performance and better services to visitors. The designs reflect the Government’s vision to develop the building sector in a manner that contributes to achieving sustainable development and in accordance with the best quality standards.

The construction contract was awarded to M/s Al Jameel Construction WLL and the work commenced in May 2019 and expected to be completed in May 2021. This Construction Works is funded by the Bahrain Islamic Bank.