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Annual Report 2019
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Proud of Our Achievements

The Ministry has also completed 41 major projects in the three sectors, as 8 major projects have been implemented in the road sector, the most prominent of which is the construction of the road leading to the waterfront in block 229 in Al-Saya – Busaiteen area, the development of Sanabis Village Roads in blocks 402, 404, 406, the Northern Bahrain Street project, second stage, Busaiteen Bridge, reclamation and waterfronts work first stage, development of Adliya roads block 338 – phase 3 and 4, development of Sitra Street leading to Hamad Bin Khalifa Bin Salman Al Khalifa Cardiac Center – Awali block 946, Development of Zallaq Roads at block 1056, and the first package to expand Sheikh Isa Bin Salman highway.

In the sewage sector, 12 projects have been completed, most notably the general cleaning work at the Tubli Wastewater Treatment plant, change of control devices at Buri wastewater treatment plant, rehabilitation of all the sub-wastewater pumping stations, the development and expansion of the South Alba wastewater threatening plant, sewage network project in Arad area, block 241, replacement of main pipes for roads No. 4501 and 4402, sewage drainage works for the housing projects, main sewage drainage line – West Budaiya (stage 2) for the following blocks: 557 / 555/553/552/550, diversion of sewage lines in the Financial Harbor area, block 346, the construction of a sewage network in Al-Hunainiyah Area block 901, and the construction of wastewater collection tanks in Hamad Town, block 1216. While Completing 21 projects in the Construction and Maintenance Projects Sector, most notably in the Sheikha Moza Bint Hamad Al Khalifa girl school, Sheikh Abdullah Bin Khalid Al Khalifa Dialysis Center in Eastern Riffa. Constructing an academic building to a girls primary school in Muharraq, constructing an academic building and a gymnasium for a primary girls school in West Riffa, and constructing an additional floor in the Social Cooperation Center in Jid Hafs (House of Elderly).

We are also confident in the high level of performance by the Ministry and all its affiliates, as this is reflected in the Ministry’s obtaining the yearly distinction from many forums, whether it takes place at a local, regional or international levels, where we are proud that the Ministry has been awarded the prize for the smart traffic solutions during the Smart Cities Conference and the prize for the Best Interaction via Social Networks held in Sharjah.

In conclusion, it is beyond doubt that the Ministry of Works will continue to pursue its efforts in the coming years to contribute more and more towards in light of the guidance of good leadership and support for the esteemed the Kingdom’s economy, and its people well being under the wise leadership of the Bahrain Government.

Essam Bin Abdulla Khalaf

Minister of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning